World After Covid

If you were to predict the most significant negative societal outcomes of the pandemic, what would it be? How about positive consequences? Throughout summer-fall 2020 I asked world’s leading behavioral and social scientists to share their thoughts on what effects the COVID-19 pandemic will have on our societies, to shed light on the possible long-term impact of the pandemic; not only challenges but also opportunities to better the human condition in the world after Covid.

I also asked them to share their advice regarding the wisdom people will need right now to make it through the crisis, and to create a better world thereafter.

On this interactive web portal, you can see interviews with 50+ experts from 10 different countries – a time-capsule of scientists’ perspectives on the world after Covid, classified by common themes across the interviews. See a scientific report published in American Psychologist here or check out the interactive results below!


Expert Predictions of Societal Change: Insights from the World after COVID Project. American Psychologist: 2021 [link]